Is TaskLater a calendar?


So, it’s a to do list?


What is TaskLater designed to do?

I’m glad you asked. TaskLater is designed to allow you to set a reminder while you are thinking of it and then forget about it until you asked us to remind you. If you have the tires rotated on your car, tell TaskLater that you want to be reminded in six months to have that service performed again. That way, you won’t wake up at 3AM in nine months realizing you have forgotten!

How will you remind me?

We send an email in the early morning hours of the day you asked to be reminded.

How many reminders can I set?

Our free account allows three simultaneous reminders (including future and expired reminders). Upgrade for unlimited reminders.

Why do you only need my email address and no password?

TaskLater doesn't use passwords. We immediately send you an email when you sign in or sign up to securely confirm your identity. Your are kept signed in for six months or until you sign out. And no passwords to remember.

I added a reminder, but when I log back in it says I don't have any?

See above. Since TaskLater does not use passwords to verify against your email address, it is possible that instead of logging in, you created a new account with an email address different from the one you originally signed up with.